Goucher combines the professional faculty and facilities of a larger school with the personal attention paid to each student's artistic and scholarly development only possible at a smaller college. The Art and Art History Department offers majors in studio art and art history. These majors prepare the student for a professional career in the visual arts or for graduate study.

The study of the visual arts at Goucher encourages students to develop creative skill and aesthetic sensitivity, to examine the historical emergence of art theory and practice, and requires them to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of aesthetic traditions and conventions, including contemporary criticism, in assessing the merit and value of artwork
  • Acquire and demonstrate technical skill and craftsmanship across a range of media
  • Examine the role of the visual arts in light of social, political, religious, racial, economic, and aesthetic issues
  • Demonstrate the intellectual rigor to conduct serious inquiry whether in research or studio practice, with an eye toward continued development after graduation

Courses in studio art emphasize independent thought and experimentation in transforming materials to communicate emotions and ideas. Courses in art history explore form, content, and meaning in art of the past and the present, with emphasis on historical and social contexts. To accommodate individual interests and career plans, students and their advisers may also design individualized majors that unite studies in art with coursework in other fields. The Art and Art History Department offers a variety of opportunities for personal and intellectual growth. Independent projects and research can be arranged under the direction of departmental faculty.

Majors in studio art may also concentrate in secondary education with certification in studio art. The department also offers a minor in studio art and a minor in art history. Within either art history or studio art, a student can concentrate in arts administration.

The Meyerhoff Arts Center, located in the heart of the campus, houses the department's offices, the studios for design, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and photography, as well as its seminar and lecture rooms. The Digital Imaging studios are housed in the Athenaeum.

Programs in Art