Goucher College Sociology/Anthropology majors and minors use study abroad as an integral component of their studies. Some choose to pursue semester long programs that afford them the opportunity for fieldwork and research on topics of their interest such as migration, ecotourism, genocide, sustainable development and health care provision. Others study with eminent scholars at international universities who offer diverse and comparative perpectives on abiding disciplinary issues in the classroom. Many students work with research and ideas generated by their study abroad in subsequent study in Baltimore, in internships, and in their Capstone projects 

Many students also participate in Goucher College Intensive Course Abroad (ICA) courses, sometimes in addition to semester long study. Regardless of the type of program, study abroad is powerfully educational with the deep lessons it offers on cultural relativism and the value of the anthropological and sociological imagination for better understanding our globally connected world. 

Program faculty lead several ICAs. These SOA 272 courses provide rich opportunities for extended and deep work with faculty engaging in vibrant research settings such as Bali, Costa Rica, and South Africa

Please visit the Office of International Studies to learn more about study abroad at Goucher.