Anthropology/Sociology Major

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Requirements for students entering Goucher in Fall 2012 or later

All majors must complete a minimum of 38 credits within the department. Required courses include:

  • ANT 107 - Cultural Anthropology (3 Cr.)
  • ANT 243 - The Craft of Anthropology I (4 Cr.)
  • SOC 106 - The Sociological Imagination (3 Cr.)
  • ANT 203 - Anthropological Theory (4 Cr.)
  • One geographic area course such as: ANT 205, ANT 238, or approved special topics or study abroad courses
  • Three 200-level anthropology courses
  • One 300-level anthropology or sociology course and one 300-level anthropology course
  • One 400-level capstone (fulfills the writing proficiency requirement in the major)

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