Raj Ghoshal

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Van Meter G-22


Ph.D. (Sociology), UNC-Chapel Hill

Areas of Scholarly Expertise and Interest

Race, inequality & social justice, collective memory & culture, politics & social movements, mixed methods, crime & punishment, education, cities

Recent Publications/Presentations/Performances

Ghoshal, Raj. 2015. "What Does Remembering Racial Violence Do? Greensboro's Truth Commission, Mnemonic Overlap, and Attitudes toward Racial Redress." Special issue of Race and Justice 5(2): 168-191.

Gaddis, Michael, and Raj Ghoshal. 2015. "Arab-American Housing Discrimination, Ethnic Competition, and the Contact Hypothesis." The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 660(1): 282-299 (special issue).  

Kurzman, Charles, Raj Ghoshal, Kristen Gibson, Clinton Key, Micah Roos, and Amber Wells. 2014. "Powerblindness." Sociology Compass 8(6):718-730.

Ghoshal, Raj Andrew. 2013. "Transforming Collective Memory: Mnemonic Opportunity Structures and the Outcomes of Racial Violence Memory Movements." Theory and Society 42(4):329-350.

Ghoshal, Raj Andrew, Cameron Lippard, Vanesa Ribas, and Ken Muir. 2013. "Beyond Bigotry: Teaching About Unconscious Prejudice." Teaching Sociology 41(2):130-143.

Ghoshal, Raj. 2012. "Surf's Up? The Couchsurfing Project and the Rise of Online Hospitality Exchange Networks." Contexts 11(2):66-68.

Caren, Neal, Raj Andrew Ghoshal, and Vanesa Ribas. 2011. "A Social Movement Generation: Cohort and Period Trends in Protest Attendance and Petition Signing." American Sociological Review 76(1):125-151.

Ghoshal, Raj.  2009. "Argument Forms, Frames, and Value Conflict: Persuasion in the Case of Same-Sex Marriage."  Cultural Sociology 3(1):77-102.

Funded Research

National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Grant.

Center for the Study of the American South Research Grant.


Raj Ghoshal is an assistant professor of sociology. His main research focus is race, with two streams of work. One stream uses experimental methods to test for discrimination among equally qualified and culturally similar white, Latina, African American, Indian-origin, and Chinese-origin individuals seeking rooms to rent online. The other stream examines recent efforts to mark historic extralegal racial violence in the US. He especially enjoys teaching seminars that involve mentoring original research, along with the department's introductory course. He encourages you to check out The Life You Can Save. He was formerly a member of Twin Oaks Community and a city ambassador for Couchsurfing, and currently co-organizes Baltimore's most active Spanish Meetup group. For video of a recent short talk, see here.