Raj Ghoshal

Assistant Professor

Van Meter G-22


Ph.D. (Sociology), UNC-Chapel Hill

Areas of Scholarly Expertise and Interest

Inequality, race, social movements and politics, culture and collective memory, education, cities

Recent Publications/Presentations/Performances

Ghoshal, Raj Andrew. 2013. "Transforming Collective Memory: Mnemonic Opportunity Structures and the Outcomes of Racial Violence Memory Movements." Theory and Society 42(4):329-350 (lead article).

Ghoshal, Raj Andrew, Cameron Lippard, Vanesa Ribas, and Ken Muir. 2013. "Beyond Bigotry: Teaching About Unconscious Prejudice." Teaching Sociology 41(2):130-143 (lead article).

Ghoshal, Raj. 2012. "Surf's Up? The Couchsurfing Project and the Rise of Online Hospitality Exchange Networks." Contexts 11(2):66-68.

Caren, Neal, Raj Andrew Ghoshal, and Vanesa Ribas. 2011. "A Social Movement Generation: Cohort and Period Trends in Protest Attendance and Petition Signing." American Sociological Review 76(1):125-151.

Ghoshal, Raj.  2009. "Argument Forms, Frames, and Value Conflict: Persuasion in the Case of Same-Sex Marriage."  Cultural Sociology 3(1):77-102.

Funded Research

National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Grant, 2010.

Center for the Study of the American South Research Grant, 2009.

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