Jamie Mullaney, Cognitive, identity, family, qualitative methods


Janet H. Shope, Sociology of medicine, women and development, inequality, family and gender roles

Associate Professors

Mark Ingram, Cultural anthropology, Europe, France, cultural policy

Assistant Professors

Robbie Blinkoff, Papua New Guinea, consumer anthropology, study abroad, fishing communities

Raj Ghoshal, Inequality, race, social movements and politics, culture and collective memory, education, cities

Susan Frekko, Cultural and linguistic anthropology, nations and publics, language ideologies, Catalonia (on sabbatical 2013-2014)

Dena Smith, Sociology of mental health, social psychology, sociology of professions, sociology of suffering, medical sociology, sociological theory

Carolyn Schwarz, Cultural anthropology, global Christianity, health and well-being, indigenous rights, media, and Aboriginal Australia

Rory Turner, Cultural anthropology, Africa, ritual and symbol, folklore, cultural sustainability, performance


Stephen Berry, Social work, child welfare

Tim Scully, Law, juvenile justice, mental health

Patty Greenberg, Public health, women's health, history of medicine