Students cross-register for appropriate (usually introductory) engineering courses at Johns Hopkins during their sophomore and junior years at Goucher. Students apply to Johns Hopkins in early spring of their third year to enter the final phase of the program. Students with a 3.0 overall grade point average and a 3.2 grade point in science and mathematics courses are eligable for transfer.  (Biomedical Engineering has higher requirements).  Students may complete some of their liberal arts major at Goucher with courses taken in their fourth and fifth years.

For purposes such as payment of tuition, student governance, financial aid, and housing, participants in the program are considered Goucher students during their first three years and Johns Hopkins students during the last two.

Both the bachelor of arts degree from Goucher College and the bachelor of science degree from The Johns Hopkins University are awarded at the conclusion of the fifth year, provided all requirements for each degree have been fulfilled.