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The Religion Program provides an interdisciplinary approach to the academic study of religion. This program reflects the fact that while religious study provides a means of intellectual inquiry and development for some students, for other students the study of religion involves a personal journey as academic study and spirituality interact and challenge one another. Goucher's religion program does not assume that the students come with a religious commitment and does not endorse or condemn any particular religious commitment. This program does assume that students come with a commitment to religious inquiry.

The religion program explores religion from two perspectives: methodology and content.  Courses in the major are divided into three general areas: Area One: history and development of religious traditions; Area Two: significant thinkers, texts and theological movements; Area Three: religion and society. 

Program Contact
Ann Duncan | 410-337-3011 |

Center for Geographies of Justice

Majors: Peace Studies, Religion, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Minors: Africana Studies, Judaic Studies, Peace Studies, Religion, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Center Co-Directors: Ann Duncan and Ailish Hopper