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The next step to Psychology: Anthony Parente talks about different career options with masters degree in psychology

Release date: October 15, 2008

By Danielle Hess, '09


Anthony Parente, M.A, L.C.P.C., the director of Loyola College’s CAS/Masters Plus Program, spoke about the various career and educational options available for psychology students as well as his own involvement in, what he calls, “a satisfying and rewarding” field.


Parente is a licensed clinical professional counselor and has a broad array of experience as a substance counselor, an employee assistance counselor, and a professor. He has also provided mental health and substance abuse training in the workplace that focused on such topics as grief, mind/body connection, relationship negotiation, and stress management. Parente’s love of psychology began at a young age.  He divulged, “When I took my first psychology class my junior year of high school, I knew that I wanted to be a therapist.”


Parente offered many insights, speaking of the “bright future” that awaited those in the mental health field. He began by dispelling a common myth, asserting “You don’t need a PhD to be a therapist.” The benefits of entering this field are numerous, but Parente has particularly appreciated “the special relationship that you get to have with people.”  Students were given information about the diverse settings that they could apply their degree to, such as in schools, hospitals, businesses, community mental health facilities, and drug rehabilitation centers. Parente emphasized, however, that more and more of this work requires a license.


During the question and answer session, several students inquired about the graduate school application process. Parente stressed the importance of researching the school and program. It is important to know what type of research that professors in the program have conducted. He also urged students to explore what kinds of internships and externships are available. In conclusion, Anthony Parente encouraged students to continue thinking about the many possibilities, stating, “You can get a master’s degree in so many different kinds of psychology. It’s a great field to be in!”


                                                                                             -Danielle Hess