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Psychology goes to the Association for Psychological Science meeting

Release date: September 20, 2011

Dr. Katherine S. Choe, Mark Mazer , Jacob Davis, Devon Washington, and Laura Parks presented their poster entitled, Children's Representation of Subjective Time Duration: the Effect of Task Type and Mental Demands. In two studies, children's perception of time was examined while they engaged in tasks that varied in interest level--puppet shows in Study 1 and puzzles in Study 2--during a long period of time. The data showed that children and adults use different mechanisms to keep track of time.


Dr. Jennifer A. McCabe and her research team, Kelsey L. Osha, Jennifer A. Roche, and Jonathan A. Susser presented a poster entitled, Undergraduates' Knowledge and Use of Mnemonics: A Survey Study. An online survey examined undergraduates' metacognitive awareness and behaviors regarding mnemonics. Acronyms/acrostics were the most familiar, helpful, and used, followed by songs/stories/rhymes and keywords. We analyzed common sources of mnemonics and factors related to their use, and also found significant correlations between mnemonics ratings and independent scales of metacognition.