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Psych Club: Surviving & Coping with Traumatic Brain Injury

Release date: October 08, 2007

Bruce has been sufering from a TBI since 2004.  In June, Bruce fell on his head from the sidewalk into the road while jogging. Although doctors stated the injuries he had were most likely to have been caused by some kind of a trauma, no one knows for sure whether he tripped, was hit by someone trying to rob him, or hit by the extended mirror of a large vehicle.

He discussed the circumstances of his accident in 2004, his progression from a Level 3 coma on the Glasgow Coma Scale, through six months of hospitalization to where he is now, working part-time and making presentations to classes and organizations in the Washington-Baltimore area about his experiences. He described his three years of on-going therapy and recovery as well as some of the problems which he still must face every day, including fatigue, short-term memory issues, and difficulties focusing on more than one task or conversation at a time.

Bruce’s presentation was insightful, in that it provided the audience with a glimpse of the problems faced by TBI survivors along with the incredible progress which he has made, including his goals for the future.   Near the end of the presentation, Ellen Ramsay, Bruce’s wife, provided her perspective on what she faces in her life with a TBI survivor. She also commented on the support provided to them by a wide variety of members of the medical and rehabilitation community, touching on many potential career opportunities of interest to Goucher students.

The program, attended by over 120 students, faculty and visitors, was not only thought-provoking but also entertaining, as both Ramsays have faced this experience with humor as well as determination. As one of his closing remarks, Bruce put both of his hands on his chest and spoke to future psychologists that what may not initially seem hopeful for some may become promising when “[students] put [their] mind to it.” It especially touched many hearts as the audience gave long applause at the end.