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Dr. Carol Bergfeld Mills retires from Goucher College after 22 years

Release date: May 01, 2008

In response to Dr. Brian Patrick's warm introduction, Dr. Carol Mills gave a very heartfelt speech on her time here at Goucher College. 


After coming to Goucher College in 1986, Dr. Mills has contributed 22 years of teaching various courses related to cognition, language, neuropsychology, and applied psychology.  Up until her last semester, she served as the chair of the Psychology Department and as director of the Cognitive Studies Program.  She has positively affected the lives of many psychology majors and minors as an advisor, and a supervisor for internships and other programs.  She has also been the co-advisor for the Goucher College chapter of Psi Chi, the National Psychology Honor Society.


In addition, Dr. Mills has completed many research projects, specifically those related to her specialty on synesthesia, which involves “cross talk” between the senses.  Individuals with synesthesia experience a percept (i.e. color) in a sense other than the one being stimulated (i.e. hearing).  Dr. Mills has worked on a number of experiments with synesthetes to try to understand the phenomena better and learn more about their cognitive processes and actively presented and published the work at professional conferences and in scientific journals, respectively.   


She has led an all-around successful career at Goucher College, and to celebrate her retirement, many of her former students attended the party; the ones who could not come sent her written messages, thanking her.  Of course, the current students were delightful, and many of them gave her big hugs.   Faculty from other departments with whom Dr. Mills has worked most closely over the years were also present.  Students, faculty, and staff, all together, filled up a big card with wonderful wishes as well.    


We will all miss Dr. Mills, as her shoes will be impossible to fill!