The major in psychology encourages students to explore a wide range of perspectives from the discipline in order to select areas for in-depth study. The department has identified a selection of different perspectives that are included in the introductory psychology course required of all majors. Students will also take a course in statistical methods, take at least one course in research methodology, and sample from clusters of courses with related perspectives. A total of 42 credits is required for a psychology major.

Required courses:

  • PSY 111 (lecture; LER-NS w/ 112)
  • PSY 112 (laboratory; LER-NS w/ 111)
  • PSY 200 (LER-MR)
  • PSY 252 (Quantitative Resarch Methods in Psychology) or 255 (Qualitative Research Methods)

Cluster courses: Four courses selected from the following clusters, as indicated:

Cluster I (1 course required)

  • PSY 202 Human Learning and Memory
  • PSY 233 Sensation and Perception
  • PSY 235 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 237 Physiological Psychology

Cluster II (1 course required)

  • PSY 220 Personality Theory
  • PSY 228 Positive Psychology
  • PSY 230 Social Psychology
  • PSY 244 Lifespan Development

Cluster III (1 course required)

  • PSY 212 Existential and Humanistic Psychology
  • PSY 219 Cultural Psychology (LER-DIV)
  • PSY 226 Relational Psychology
  • PSY 227 Psychology of Women

Cluster IV (1 course required)

  • PSY 239 Health Psychology
  • PSY 245 Psychology of Environmental Problems (LER-ENV)
  • PSY 271 Psychological Distress and Disorder
  • PSY 321 Counseling Psychology

300-Level Courses (3 courses required, at least 2 of which must be seminars)

Note: Students may repeat seminars for credit provided that the topic is different. However, at least 2 seminars with different course numbers must be taken in order to satisfy the seminar requirement. Seminars must be taken at Goucher.

  • PSY 306 Research Seminar in Narrative and Meaning
  • PSY 315 Seminar in Existential and Humanistic Psychology
  • PSY 328 Research Seminar in Relational Psychology
  • PSY 340 Seminar in Developmental Psychology
  • PSY 345 Seminar in Experimental Psychology
  • PSY 350 Seminar in Positive Psychology
  • PSY 370 Social Psychology Seminar
  • PSY 376 Seminar in Cognitive Studies (COG 376)
  • PSY 380 Seminar in Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 386 Seminar in Clinical Psychology

Other 300-Level Courses (1 course required if only 2 seminars are taken; otherwise 0 required)

Note: PSY 390: Advanced Internship in Psychology does not fulfill the 300-level course requirement.

  • PSY 329 Self-Directed Projects in Psychology
  • PSY 375 Advanced Research Practicum in Psychology
  • PSY 398 Advanced Faculty-Directed Research

Elective Course (1 course required)

Additional courses from the clusters or seminars may serve as electives, as well as any other courses in psychology from below:

  • PSY 275 Research Practicum in Psychology
  • PSY 290 Internship in Psychology
  • PSY 295 Independent Work
  • PSY 298 Directed Research
  • PSY 390 Advanced Internship in Psychology
  • PSY 450 Senior Thesis