(Requirements for students declaring the major Fall 2015 or later; those who declared previously can choose between these requirements and the prior set, listed here.)

The major in psychology encourages students to explore a wide range of perspectives from the discipline in order to select interest-areas for in-depth study. The department has identified a selection of diverse perspectives that will be included in the Introductory Psychology course that will be required of all majors. Students will also sample from clusters of courses from related perspectives.

Required courses:

Three Foundation Courses:

  • PSY 111 - Introduction to Psychology (3 Cr.)
  • PSY 112 - Introduction to Psychology: Laboratory (1 Cr.)
  • PSY 200 - Statistical Methods in Psychology (4 Cr.)


One Methods course:

  • PSY 252 - Quantitative Research Methods in Psychology (4 Cr.) or
  • PSY 255 - Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology (4 Cr.)


Two Advanced Seminar Courses (8 Cr. total):

Ordinarily students will complete at least one methods course prior to enrolling in a seminar.

Students may repeat seminars for credit provided that the topic is different; however, two seminars with different course numbers must be taken in order to satisfy the seminar requirement. Also, the seminars, as well as PSY 252 or PSY 255, must be taken at Goucher rather than in study-abroad programs or at other institutions.

  • PSY 306 Research Seminar in Narrative and Meaning
  • PSY 315 Seminar in Existential and Humanistic Psychology
  • PSY 328 Research Seminar in Relational Psychology
  • PSY 340 Seminar in Developmental Psychology
  • PSY 345 Seminar in Experimental Psychology
  • PSY 370 Social Psychology Seminar
  • PSY 376 Seminar in Physiological Psychology
  • PSY 379 Seminar in Cultural Psychology
  • PSY 380 Seminar in Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 386 Seminar in Clinical Psychology

One Advanced Practicum Experience Course:

  • PSY 321 - Counseling Psychology (4 Cr.)
  • PSY 329 - Advanced Self-Directed Projects (4 Cr.)
  • PSY 390 - Advanced Internship in Psychology (3-4 Cr.)
  • PSY 398 - Advanced Mentored Research Team (3-4 Cr.)

(PSY 375 is not offered in 2015-2016 and 2016-2017)

Cluster Courses:

Cluster I (one course):

  • PSY 202 - Human Learning and Memory (4 Cr.)
  • PSY 233 - Sensation and Perception (4 Cr.)
  • PSY 235 - Cognitive Psychology (4 Cr.)
  • PSY 237 - Physiological Psychology (4 Cr.)

Cluster II (one course):

  • PSY 220 - Personality Theory (4 Cr.)
  • PSY 230 - Social Psychology (4 Cr.)
  • PSY 244 - Lifespan Developmental Psychology (4 Cr.)

Cluster III (one course):

  • PSY 212 - Existential and Humanistic Psychology (4 Cr.)
  • PSY 219 - Black Psychology (4 Cr.)
  • PSY 226 - Relational Psychology (4 Cr.)
  • PSY 227 - Psychology of Women (4 Cr.)

Cluster IV (one course):

  • PSY 207 - Psychological and Developmental Foundations of Education (3 -4 Cr.)
  • PSY 239 - Health Psychology (4 Cr.)
  • PSY 245 - Psychology of Environmental Problems (4 Cr.)
  • PSY 271 - Psychological Distress and Disorder (4 Cr.)

One Elective Course:

Additional courses from the clusters or seminars may serve as electives, as well as any other courses in psychology that are at least 3 credits. Students will select additional course work and experiences that support their individual development goals in collaboration with their advisors. Students are encouraged to both broaden and deepen their study by taking advantage of opportunities for independent study and research, internships, study abroad, interdisciplinary and interinstitutional course work, and senior thesis.

Writing proficiency and computer proficiency for the major:

To fulfill the requirement of writing proficiency in the major, students must demonstrate proficiency in writing in either PSY 252 or PSY 255. Computer proficiency can be obtained by successfully completing PSY 200 and PSY 252 or PSY 255.

Requirements for Honors in the Major

Honors in the psychology major will be awarded to students who have at least a 3.8 GPA in psychology.

Psychology Major Checklist

Review the Psychology Major Checklist (PDF) with your academic advisor to ensure that you are taking the necessary courses and credits to graduate. If you have any questions, please contact your advisor or visit the Academic Advising website for more information.