Carol Bergfeld Mills

Professor Emerita of Psychology

Julia Rogers G40


B.S., University of Missouri, Columbia, 1970
M.A. and Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park, 1976

Areas of Scholarly Expertise and Interest

Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Memory, Synesthesia

Recent Publications/Presentations/Performances

Ghirardelli, T. G., Mills, C. B., Zilioli, M. K. C., Bailey, L. P., & Kretschmar, P. K. (2010). Synesthesia affects verification of simple arithmetic equations. Journal of General Psychology, 137, 175-189.

Mills, C. B., Metzger, S. R., Foster, C. A., Valentine-Gresko, M. N., Ricketts, S. (2009). Development and cognitive influence of synesthesia in a color-grapheme synesthete. Perception, 38, 591-605.

Mills, C. B., Innis, J., Westendorf, T., Owsianiecki, L. & McDonald, A., (2006). Effect of a synesthete’s photisms on name recall. Cortex, 42, 155-163.

Mills, C. B., Boteler, E. H. & Larcombe, G. K. (2003). 'Seeing things in my head’: A synesthete’s image for music and notes. Perception, 32, 1359-1376.

Mills, C. B., Viguers, M. L., Edelson, S. K., Thomas, A. T., Simon-Dack, S. L. & Innis, J. A. (2002). The color of two alphabets for a multilingual synesthete. Perception, 31, 1371-1394.

Mills, C. B., Boteler, E. H., & Oliver, G. K. (1999). Digit Synaethesia: A case study using a Stroop-type test. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 16, 181-191.

Awards/Significant Accomplishments

Caroline Doebler Bruckerl ’25 Award for outstanding teaching, excellent research, and extensive service, Goucher College, 2005