Faculty Research

Katherine S. Choe, Ph.D.

Dr. Choe's primary research program focuses on children's intuitive/causal representation and conceptual understanding. 

Dr. Choe's research team is full for Fall 2015.  

For more information on Dr. Choe's research lab, please click here.

Dara G. Friedman-Wheeler, Ph.D.

Dr. Friedman-Wheeler's research program focuses on coping, mindfulness, and behavior change.

Dr. Friedman-Wheeler anticipates having at least one opening on her research team in Spring 2016.

For more information on Dr. Friedman-Wheeler's research lab at Goucher College, please click here

Thomas G. Ghirardelli, Ph.D.

Dr. Ghirardelli may have an opening on his research team for Spring 2016.  For more information, please contact Dr. Ghirardelli via email at thomas.ghirardelli@goucher.edu.

Nyasha Grayman-Simpson, Ph.D.

Dr. Grayman-Simpson's research focuses on culture and positive psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual functioning, transformative learning, and international service-learning.  She is currently working on two projects, and typically mentors students over the summer.

Study 1: Cultural Validity Study of the Boykin, et. al. Communalism Scale (Quantitative, Data Collection & Analysis Stage)

Study 2: Meaning Scheme Transformation Around the Meaning of American Whiteness: A Rational-Emotional Journey (Qualitative, Article Write-Up Stage)

For more information, please click here.

Jennifer A. McCabe, Ph.D.

Dr. McCabe's primary research program focuses on memory strategies, metamemory/metacognition, and teaching and learning.

Dr. McCabe's research team is full for Spring 2016.  The team will be mainly working on a project that examines music as a mnemonic aid for memory, in musicians and non-musicians. Other project topics may include: group study strategies, mindfulness and memory.

For more information on Dr. McCabe's research lab at Goucher College, please click here.  To apply to work on her team, please first contact Dr. McCabe via email at jennifer.mccabe@goucher.edu. 

Psychology faculty also sometimes participate in Goucher's summer science research program.