Core Coursework-Typical Schedule

*Given the constraints the science requirements place on your academic program, it is important that you enroll in the appropriate biology and chemistry courses first semester your freshman year. Deciding after the first year to prepare for a medical career may necessitate attendance at summer school.

Freshman Year

CHE 111/112  CHE 151/152
BIO 104 BIO 105

Begin to investigate which extracurricular activities are attractive to you and educate yourself about medicine or any other allied health profession that may interest you.

Sophomore Year

CHE 234  CHE 235
BIO 210/215 BIO 222
*PHY 115/125 *PHY 116/126

*Chemistry majors must take physics in their sophomore year; biology majors usually take physics in their junior year.

Consider completing community service and/or a premedical internship or research experience during the summer following your sophomore year. We have relationships with a number of community service organizations, where students can volunteer and develop the personal skills necessary to work with a wide variety of patients.

Junior Year 

BIO 260 *PHY 116/126
*PHY 115/125                  

BIO 378, CHE 341, or the math requirement can be fulfilled by the end of the year.

*Chemistry majors must take physics in their sophomore year; biology majors usually take physics in their junior year.

This year you will learn the specifics of applying to medical school and attend a number of meetings in the fall and spring, as well as an interview with the premedical committee at the end of the year.

You will also register in January for the MCAT. We offer a MCAT review over the course of the junior year at no charge, and you should review and prepare on you your own for the test, which is usually taken at the end of the spring semester.

If you haven't already completed the premedical internship, do so during the January break.

Complete the online AAMCAS application by the end of June and decide where you will be applying. You should meet with the premedical adviser to decide an appropriate application strategy, and be prepared to apply the summer after your junior year. 

Senior Year

In your final year, you will finish coursework for your major and, if possible, do independent research. Be sure to schedule time for practicing your medical school interview with a member of the premed committee. If you are having trouble gaining admission, meet with the premedical adviser before the end of the year to reassess the situation.

You may apply at the end of your senior year, but keep in mind that there is a one-year lag time from the time you apply until you enter medical school.