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The Goucher Poll is conducted under the auspices of the Sarah T. Hughes Field Politics Center, which is housed in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Goucher College. The college supports the Goucher Poll to help foster a community where discourse is valued and practiced, and Goucher students administer the survey as part of the college's commitment to developing their sense of social responsibility.

The Goucher Poll is conducted in a 40-station, computer-aided telephone interviewer (CATI) lab. Using a random sample of landlines and cell phones, the Goucher Poll draws upon a random sample of Maryland citizens to gauge perceptions toward important policy, social, and economic related issues.  

The Goucher Poll is fully funded by the Sarah T. Hughes Center endowment and does not take additional funding from any outside sources. The Goucher Poll seeks only to improve public discourse in the state by providing neutral and nonbiased information on citizen perceptions and opinions.  Results of the Goucher Poll are shared with members of the campus community to facilitate scholarly research by Goucher faculty and undergraduate students.  The results are also released to members of the media and other interested groups to promote public discourse in the state.

The Goucher Poll is a member of the Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations.

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Current Poll: Spring 2016

The Goucher Poll asked Maryland residents for their perceptions of Governor Larry Hogan and the Maryland General Assembly; trust in state government; the most important issue facing and the direction of the state; Maryland as a place to live, work, and retire; transportation priorities; redistricting; marijuana; education funding; proposal to fund the removal of vacant buildings in Baltimore City; views of the Maryland Democratic Party and Maryland Republican Party; perceptions toward women in public office and communities and their police. Goucher Poll also asked likely Democratic voters for their opinions about the Democratic Presidential and Senatorial primaries.

Field Dates:  February 13 to February 17, 2016

Press Contact Information:

Dr. Mileah Kromer
Director, Sarah T. Hughes Field Politics Center

Chris Landers
Office of Communications

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