Student Author: Joe Porembski (Class of 2007) and Karl Tata  (Class of 2010)
Faculty Author: Dr. Sasha Dukan

The differential conductance between a surface of a disordered  type-II superconductor and a tip of Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) in high magnetic field is analyzed. It is determined that scalar impurities enhance the tunneling conductance at all fields considered. This is a consequence of a presence of gapless and near gapless regions in the quasiparticle spectrum at the Fermi surface. This theoretical model is used to calculate differential conductance in borocarbide superconductor  LuNi2B2C. The research paper, "STM Differential Conductance of a Disordered Extreme Type-II Superconductor at High Magnetic Fields" is published in the October, 2010 issue of Physical Review B.

Supported by the Research Corporation Cottrell College Science Award and in part bt the National Science Foundation Grant No. DMR-0856415.