Student authors: David Hall ('11)

Faculty author: Dr Marin Pichler

In order to increase the available laser intensity and to simplify the laser operation for K trapping, the 784 nm laser diodes were replaced by anti-reflection coated diodes that provide a broad lasing spectrum when coupled to an external cavity.  This eliminated the need to achieve on-resonance lasing by significant cooling of the dry nitrogen flushed laser mounts. During the summer '09 David Hall has installed, aligned and collimated the 1 Watt TA laser chip with the water-cooled mount partially built in the department's machine shop.  The trapping and repumping laser frequency were derived from a single master diode laser by the implementation of two acousto-optic modulators.  David has achieved significant laser stabilization by locking the master laser to the cross-over saturated absorption resonance feature, reducing the laser line width to less than 250kHz.

Project is supported by the Research Corporation Cottrell College Science Award.