Student Author: Daniel Pines (Class of 2006)

Faculty Author: Dr. Sasha Dukan

During the summer of 2005 Daniel Pines and Dr. Dukan calculated the specific heat of Nb3Sn superconductor in the mixed state. Daniel's work consisted of first  learning a lot about superconductors at high magnetic fields and then writing programs in C++ on our new LINUX platform.  After two months of computer work we obtained theoretical curves that were compared with available experimental data.  On one hand, a good qualitative agreement between theoretical curves and recent experimental data at very low temperatures was found.  On the other hand, we found  a significant quantitative difference at higher temperatures where our theory was less reliable due to a number of approximations made in the calculation.

Daniel Pines presented his research at the National Conference  On Undergraduate Research (NCUR)  at the University of North Carolina at Asheville in April of 2006 and published a paper in the proceedings of the conference.