Student Author: Rajan Pragani (Class of 2003)

Faculty Author: Dr. Ali Bakhshai

Rajan Pragani, an undergraduate student of Goucher (class of 2003) has conducted this student/faculty research during the summer of 2001 as a full-time research assistant in Professor Bakhshai’s research laboratory on campus. Dr Bakhshai is an experimental condensed matter physicist; his current research interest is Mechanical Alloying via Ball Milling. Ball milling can be used to induce chemical reactions and alloying in a variety of powder mixtures. The process is called mechano-chemical synthesis when applied to inorganic or organic synthesis. An especially promising application is mechanical alloying whereby oxide dispersion strengthening, atomic level alloying, and amorphization are achieved by applying mechanical energy.

Mr Pragani will present the results of this research in a poster session on November 2, 2001 at Goucher College. Dr Bakhshai will also present the same results at the 2002 American Physical Society (APS) International March Meeting in Indianapolis. The abstract will be published in the APS bulletin with Rajan Pragani as co-author. In addition, a manuscript of an article based partially on these results is in preparation for submittal for publication in a refereed scientific journal with Mr Pragani as a co-author.