Are you interested in engineering but also want all the benefits of a small, liberal-arts environment? "3+2" or "dual-degree" engineering programs are a great way to get the best of both worlds. You complete a shortened 3-year program at Goucher College, and then transfer to a major research university to complete an intensive 2-year program in the engineering field of your choice. At the end of five years, you have earned two bachelors degrees - one from Goucher (in Physics, Math, Computer Science, or Chemistry), and one from the university in engineering. Graduates from these programs are almost always quickly recruited into lucrative and rewarding careers.

Here at Goucher, admission to the college means you can pursue a 3+2 program - there is no need to apply or request permission. It is best if you tell us you are interested in this program when you arrive, so we can ensure you complete all the requirements in time, but you are never locked into or out of doing it. In other words, you have plenty of time to choose whether the program is right for you.

Goucher College has established a dual-degree program with the G.W.C. Whiting School of Engineering of the Johns Hopkins University in the following fields of engineering:

  • Electrical and computer engineering, which includes the fields of communications, control systems, electronics, and digital systems.

  • Material science and engineering, which is concerned with the structure, properties, performance, processing, and production, of all materials.

  • Mechanical engineering, which deals with the concerns of energy through useful mechanical devices.

  • Chemical engineering, which relies on the laws of physics, chemistry, and mathematics to change the structures of chemical substances and purify new substances that are created in the process.

  • Civil engineering, which reflects the breadth of the engineering disciplines in the planning and design of buildings, bridges, transportation systems, and environmental programs.

A typical student will complete one year of calculus and one year of physics or chemistry in the first year and MA 221 and 222 and one year of physics or chemistry in the sophomore year. One course per semester should be taken at Hopkins during the student's third year at Goucher, depending on the engineering discipline. To apply, students should prepare a letter of introduction to send to Johns Hopkins school of engineering. After receipt of this letter, a faculty member of Johns Hopkins will team up with your Goucher advisor to ensure that you take the appropriate courses at Hopkins in your junior year. Goucher students should typically have at least a 3.0 GPA overall, and a 3.2 GPA in the major.

The required courses for all 3+2 engineering majors with JHU are:

  • MA 170 - Calculus I
  • MA 180 - Calculus II
  • MA 221 - Linear Algebra
  • MA 222 - Calculus III
  • MA 231 - Differential Equations with Applications
  • CS 116 - Introduction to Computer Science
  • PHY 125 - General Physics I
  • PHY 126 - General Physics II
  • CHE 111 - Principles of Chemistry I
  • CHE 112 - Principles of Chemistry I: Laboratory
  • CHE 151 - Principles of Chemistry II: Lecture
  • CHE 152 - Principles of Chemistry II: Laboratory

Students wishing to complete a physics major at Goucher must also take:

  • PHY 220 - Modern Physics
  • PHY 230 - Intermediate Physics Lab
  • PHY 280 - Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences
  • PHY 310 - Electronics/Instrumentation
  • Three additional courses within the department, of which at least two must be at the 300 level.


Program Contact
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