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Student/faculty collaborative research in theoretical physics accepted for publication in the top physics journal

Release date: September 20, 2010


A paper co-authored by Goucher College physics professor Sasha Dukan and Goucher physics alumni Joel Tenenbaum (Class of 2006) and Joseph Porembski (Class of 2007) as well as a computer science alumnus Karl Tata (Class of 2010) has been accepted for publication and will be published in the October Issue of the journal Physical Review B.  The paper " STM Differential Conductance of a disordered Extreme Type-II Superconductor at High Magnetic Fields" is the result  of a multi-year long student-faculty collaborative project in theoretical physics that has been funded by the Research Corporation and the National Science Foundation.  Physical Review  B is a leading international peer-reviewed physics journal in the area of condensed matter physics and materials science.

Professor Dukan's theoretical and computational physics research group studies the microscopic behavior of superconductors and related materials in high magnetic fields.  Superconductivity is a technology of the future and Dr. Dukan's research contributes to problem solutions in the global energy challenge. In particular, her collaborative student/faculty research on transport properties of extreme type-II superconductors may offer insight into new opportunities to restore the reliability, capacity and efficiency of our nation's power grid.

In the photograph Dr. Dukan is shown with her 2010 summer research students Michael Garman (Class of 2011) and Yan Zhuang (Class of 2013).

Visit http://www.goucher.edu/x5230.xml to learn more about student/faculty collaborative research in physics and astronomy at Goucher College.