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Professor Marin Pichler presents his collaborative student/faculty research at an international conference in Canada

Release date: May 18, 2007

In June 2007, Dr. Marin Pichler,  Assistant Professor of Physics will travel to Calgary, Canada  to present  his on-going research work on optical trapping of alkali atoms at the joint American Physical Society and Canadian Association of Physicists DAMOP/DAMP meeting. Dr. Pichler's exciting research is done with Goucher physics students Daniel Barker, Myrrha Andersen, Joseph Porembski and Mattie Withmore. This project is supported by the Research Corporation.

Dr. Pichler will also present his recently published collaborative work on perturbation effects in the spectra of ultracold Cs molecules (http://www.goucher.edu/x14050.xml).