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Physics Seminar on February 3rd at 4pm in Kelly Lecture Hall

Release date: January 18, 2006

In collaboration with the Physics Club, the Department of Physics will host Prof. David Strauss from George Mason University and the Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies.  Dr. Strauss will give a talk titled "Predictability vs. Chaos in Climate Science: Jet Streams, Storms and El-Nino", which is intended for science students and faculty, especially those interested in climate studies, but is also open to anyone interested in this topic, in light of the climate and weather changes and effects on environment. In addition, Dr. Strauss will meet informally with science students (in particular from physics, chemistry, math and computer science programs) for open discussion and information on available graduate programs in this research area.

            Dr. Strauss received his Ph.D. in theoretical solid state physics from Cornell University in 1977, and his atmospheric science postdoctoral training at M.I.T. He has helped develop graduate courses at George Mason in the Physical Climate System, the General Circulation of the Atmosphere, and the Predictability of Weather and Climate. He currently serves as Editor for the Journal of Climate.