Student Author: T. Paul Powell (Class of 2003)

Faculty Author: Dr. Sasha Dukan

Paul Powell developed C++ computer codes in order to numerically compute the longitudinal thermal conductivity of an extreme type-II superconductor in a high magnetic field. He performed the extensive numerical calculations on the fast UNIX-workstations both here at Goucher as well as at Johns Hopkins University. Paul compared his theoretical curves with experimental data on borocarbide and A-15 superconductors recently obtained at the University of Toronto and found an excellent agreement. Paul Powell and Prof. Dukan published  a research paper on this subject in the Physical Review B, a leading condensed matter physics research journal. Furthermore, Paul gave a talk to the Mathematics Club at Goucher as well as presented his research at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) at University of Wisconsin. Supported by the Research Corporation Cottrell College Science Award.