Specific Heat

Student Authors: Amanda Carr (Class of 2002) and John Trafton (Class of 2003)

Faculty Author: Dr. Sasha Dukan

Amanda Carr and John Trafton used Dr Dukan's theoretical model for the low-temperature behavior of the specific heat of type-II superconductors at high magnetic fields to develop C++ computer codes that calculate this quantity numerically for the realistic superconducting systems. They found the algebraic temperature dependence of the specific heat as a function of temperature as well as non-analytic magnetic field dependence. Amanda presented her work at the Goucher's student EXPO after she came back from her study abroad semester in Hungary. John has continued this work and applied it to the boro-carbide superconductor YNi2B2C and co-authored a paper published in the Physical Review B. This research was supported by the Research Corporation Cottrell College Science Award.