Goucher MOT


Student authors: David Hall ('11), Joan Pulupa ('11) , Michael Garman ('10) and Daniel Barker ('08)

Faculty author: Dr Marin Pichler

The existing magneto-optical trap (MOT) for Cs atoms was modified for simultaneous K trapping.  David Hall worked on installation of new K and Cs getter sources inside the ultra-high vacuum chamber.  He has also built acousto-optic modulator drivers and diode laser current controller for a Cs laser.  During the summer '08 Daniel has designed and build a data acquisition and control system for the photoassociation experiment, while Michael Garman has built and characterized the photoassociation laser.  Recently David Hall has assisted in creating the Cs MOT at Goucher (see figure), which traps over six million atoms at the temperature of around 100 micro-Kelvin. Currently, Joan Pulupa is working on K optical setup around the UHV chamber.  The setup will allow simultaneous trapping of both K and Cs atoms.  Achieving sufficient trap densities of both species will allow photoassociation of ultracold polar KCs molecules.

Project is supported by the Research Corporation Cottrell College Science Award and Goucher College