Student Author: Greg Dengler (Class of 2005)

Faculty Author: Ali Bakhshai

Thin metal coatings produced by ball milling are formed under a Self-Heat propagating Synthesis (SHS) process. The formation of the metal coating takes place due to the extreme temperature increase at the point of collision between the ball and substrate. This localized temperature increase causes the metal powder to cold weld to the surface of the substrate. The formation of chromium coatings on Steel and Aluminum substrates was studied using Titanium and Copper powders. Increases in micro-hardness with the addition of higher powder masses and longer milling times were consistently produced.

G.S. Dengler, A.R. Torosyan, and A. Bakhshai, 'Micro-Hardness Characteristics and Morphology of Cr-Coating formed due to Mechanical Alloying,' Proceedings of the National Conference On Undergraduate Research (NCUR) 2004.

Click here for a Powerpoint version of Mr Dengler's presentation at the NCUR concerence in Indianapolis, 2004.