Ben Sugerman

Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Julia Rogers 103


B.A. Occidental College (1996)

Ph.D. Columbia University (2003)

Areas of Scholarly Expertise and Interest

DUST: Formation in supernovae, radiative-transfer modeling, reconstruction of circumstellar dust environments.

ASYMMETRIC MASS-LOSS: Mass-Loss from post-AGB stars and pre-planetary nebulae, bipolar formation mechanisms.

LIGHT ECHOES: Detection of echoes, characterization of dust in the CSM and ISM, and of late-stage stellar outflows.

SN 1987A: Light Echoes, reconstruction of progenitor mass-loss history, development of supernova remnant and evolution of hot spots. SN 1987A is my dissertation subject.

VARIABLE STARS: detection of short period variable stars in observationally-difficult environments, i.e. unresolved globular cluster cores and galaxies.

Recent Publications/Presentations/Performances

Gallagher, Joseph S., Sugerman, B. E. K., et al. 2012, The Astrophysical Journal, 753, 109. Optical and Infrared Analysis of Type II SN 2006bc

Sugerman, Ben E. K., et al. 2012, The Astrophysical Journal, 749, 170. Thirty Years of SN 1980K: Evidence for Light Echoes

Clayton, Geoffrey C., Sugerman, Ben E. K., et al. 2011, The Astrophysical Journal, 743. 44. The Circumstellar Environment of R Coronae Borealis: White Dwarf Merger or Final-helium-shell Flash?

Andrews, J. E., Sugerman, B. E. K., et al. 2011, The Astrophysical Journal, 731, 47. Photometric and Spectroscopic Evolution of the IIP SN 2007it to Day 944

Ortiz, J. L., Sugerman, B. E. K., de La Cueva, I., Santos-Sanz, P., Duffard, R., Gil-Hutton, R., Melita, M., & Morales, N. 2010, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 519, 7. Observation of light echoes around very young stars

Sahai, Raghvendra, Sugerman, Ben E. K., & Hinkle, Kenneth 2009, The Astrophysical Journal, 699, 1015. Sculpting an Asymptotic Giant Branch Mass-Loss Envelope into a Bipolar Planetary Nebula: High-Velocity Outflows in V Hydrae

Sugerman, Ben E. K., et al. 2006, Science, 313, 196. Massive-Star Supernovae as Major Dust Factories

Sugerman, Ben E. K. 2005, The Astrophysical Journal, 632, 17. Discovery of a Light Echo from SN 2003gd

Sugerman, Ben E. K., et al. 2005, The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 159, 60. The Three-dimensional Circumstellar Environment of SN 1987A

Sugerman, Ben E. K. 2003, The Astronomical Journal, 126, 1939. Observability of Scattered-Light Echoes around Variable Stars and Cataclysmic Events

Funded Research

HST-GO-10607: "Probing Circumstellar and Interstellar Dust with Scattered-Light Echoes," P.I. Ben E.K. Sugerman. Awarded 20 orbits of HST to study light echoes around five supernovae, and $183,000.

HST-GO-10204: "Evolution of Light Echoes of SN 1993J," P.I. Ben E.K. Sugerman. Awarded 5 orbits of HST to study light echoes from SN 1993J over four epochs, and $38,000.

The following observing proposals have been accepted on behalf of the SEEDS Collaboration (P.I. Mike Barlow) to study the evolution and formation of dust in young supernovae. Hubble Space Telescope programs GO-11603 (J. Andrews, 21 orbits and 3.6 nights of NOAO) and GO-11229 (M. Meixner, 34 orbits); Spitzer Space Telescope programs GO-80131 (J. Andrews, 11.7 hours), DD-70201 (J. Andrews, 0.8 hours), GO-70003 (J. Andrews, 9.5 hours), GO-60071 (J. Andrews, 6.4 hours, $5491 awarded), GO-50353 (J. Andrews, 0.5 hours), GO-30494 (B. Sugerman, 11.7 hours, $37,500 awarded), SST-GO-20302 (B. Sugerman, 6.4 hours,$33,000 awarded), SST-GO-3333 (M. Barlow, 9.4 hours); and NOAO program GN-2006A-Q-1, GN-2007A-Q-5, GN-2007B-Q-4, GS-2008A-Q-24, GS-2008A-DD-2, GN-2008B-Q-44, GS-2008B-Q-45, GS-2009A-Q-49, and GS-2009B-Q-1, GS-2010A-DD-3, and GS-2012A-Q-79.

The following observing proposals have been accepeted on behalf of the SAIntS Collaboration (P.I. Robert Kirshner) to study the evolution of Supernova (and Supernova Remnant) 1987A: HST-GO-9428 (32 orbits), 9992 (3 orbits), 10263 (29 orbits), 10549 (27 orbits), 10867 (25 orbits), 11181 (4 orbits), 11653 (21 orbits), 11973 (5 orbtis), and 12241 (12 orbits). I have not requested monetary support from these proposals.

Awards/Significant Accomplishments