Physics is an international science, so Goucher's study abroad requirement is a natural part of your education. International studies opportunities in physics and astronomy are available through semester or yearlong programs at the University of Sussex (UK), or through a three-week intensive program studying astronomy in Granada, Spain.


The School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Glasgow is one of the UK's leading schools in both research and undergraduate education. Goucher students can attend any classes at the University and keep current with their required Physics and Astronomy requirements for their major.  Students with Sophomore standing wishing to travel abroad should consult with the Department Chair.  Students with Junior or Senior standing can use the following table as a guide for available courses and their translation to Goucher Physics requirements.

Goucher Course Glasgow Course Name Catalog Number Semester Offered
Phy 280 Math Methods 1 Phys4011/3021 Fall
Waves and Diffraction Phys4031/3037 Fall
Phy 350 Quantum Mechanics Phys4025/3031 Spring
Phy 300 Thermal Physics Phys4030/3036 Spring
Phy 301 Electromagnetic Theory 1 Phys4004/3011 Spring
Solid State Physics Phys4028 Fall
Nuclear & Particle Physics Phys4015 Fall
Atomic Systems Phys4002 Spring
Phy 310 Circuits & Systems Phys4003/3008 Fall
Physics 3 Lab  Phys4009/3017 Fall
Physics 3 Computational Lab  Phys4008/3016 Fall
Lasers & Non-Linear Optics Phys4014/3024 Spring
Medical Imaging Phys4013/3027 Spring
Numerical Methods Phys4017/3027 Fall
Energy & The Environment Phys4006 Fall
Stellar Structure & Evolution ASTRO4009/3012 Year-long, odd years
High-Energy Astrophysics ASTRO4008/3009 Year-long, odd years
Galaxies ASTRO4005/3036 Year-long, odd years
Circumstellar Matter ASTRO4010/3011 Year-long, odd years
Instruments for Optical/Radio Astronomy ASTRO4010/3007 Year-long, even years
Cosmology ASTRO4013/3003 Year-long, even years
Astrophysical Data Analysis ASTRO4013/3003 Year-long, even years
Exploring Planetary Systems ASTRO4007/3008 Year-long, even years
Astro Skills 1 ASTRO4003P/3005 Year-long
Astro Lab Project 1 ASTRO4001P/3004 Year-long

Notes: Students can participate in collaborative research projects with faculty by request.  Typically, Glasgow students perform research projects during the Spring semester.  Goucher students will be allowed to enter year-long courses in the spring term, if need be.  


This program allows students to enroll in math or physics courses at the University of Sussex, which was voted England's "Best Place to Be" in World University Rankings 2008 for its highly innovative and engaging courses, state-of-the-art resources, and prime location.

Students with Sophomore through Senior standing can use the following table as a guide for available courses and their translation to Goucher Physics requirements.

Goucher Course Sussex Course Name Semester Offered
Phy 220 Foundations in Modern Physics Fall
Phy 230 Physics Year 2 Lab Fall
Phy 280 Math Methods for Physics 3 Fall
Phy 300 Thermal and Statistical Physics Spring
Phy 301 Electrodynamics Fall
Phy 350 Quantum Mechanics 1 Spring
Ast 210 Introduction to Astrophysics Fall
Scientific Computing Fall
Nuclear & Particle Physics Fall
Skills in Physics 2 Spring
Theoretical Physics Spring
Atomic Physics Fall
Condensed State Physics Fall
Lasers Spring
Physics Methods in Finance Spring


An interdisciplinary exploration of science and language, this intensive course abroad integrates classes at Goucher in astronomy and Spanish with a three-week trip to Granada, Spain, a city well-known for its outstanding astronomical observatories.

By studying abroad, Goucher students gain a global perspective that enhances their course of study. Visit the Office of International Studies website for more information.