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Don't be fooled by our size: we offer all the benefits of a major research university bundled into a program only available at a small liberal-arts institution. All the professors are active in exciting and cutting-edge research, in which students can become involved as early as their first summer here. Yet our class sizes are small and there are no graduate students nor graduate teaching assistants. This ensures that all classes are taught by faculty, students receive individualized attention and mentoring, and faculty have the time and resources to ensure that high-quality teaching remains our highest priority. Across our entire range of courses, our program rivals those of the best colleges, preparing students for any academic or professional pursuit. To prove it, consider this: 94% of our majors have been accepted into the graduate program of their choice, or have secured a competative job in research or industry. To learn more, please download our Departmental Brochure, browse further in this website, or get in touch with the program contact below. You can also join us on Facebook at

Program Contact
Sasha Dukan | 410-337-6323 |

Center for Natural Sciences

Majors: Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Studies: Environmental Science Concentration

Minors: Public Health, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Environmental Studies

Programs: 3 + 2 Engineering Program, Pre-Health (Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, Physical therapy, Pre-Vet, other allied health)

Center Director: Mark Hiller,

News & Announcements

Ashlee Benge ('16) explains her astronomy research work to

Ashlee Benge ('16), Andrew Cosgrove ('17), and Kayla Snyder ('17) attended the 2016 Winter AAS meeting to present their astronomy research.  Ms. Benge was intervewed by about their work.

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Astronomy Prof. Ben Sugerman to Study Newly-Discovered Supernova

Goucher Chair of Physics and Astronomy Ben Sugerman and a colleague from Hofstra University in New York recently secured "Director's Discretionary Time" to study an exploding star in a nearby galaxy.

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Adrien Thormann
Adrien Thormann
"It was great to be on Capitol Hill for a summer and to see how politics and science are related"