Minor Requirements

Every philosophy minor will be required to complete a total of 6 courses (18 credits) as well as demonstrate proficiency in several skills that the department has deemed to be essential for professional advancement within the discipline and its related fields. Please note that courses may not be used to satisfy two or more requirements.


Students minoring in philosophy must successfully complete the following requirements:

2. Ethics* 1 Course
Personal and Community Ethics (PHL 105)
Race, Gender and Sexuality (PHL 115)
Environmental Ethics (PHL 205)
Philosophy and the Animal (PHL 228)
Political Philosophy (PHL 231)
Queer Theory (PHL 237)
Critical Race Theory (PHL 245)
Biomedical Ethics (PHL 254)
Feminist Philosophy (PHL 276)
Nietzsche (PHL 330)
3. History Sequence 2 Courses
Ancient (PHL 260)
Neoplatonism (PHL 227)
Medieval and Renaissance (PHL 226)
Modern (PHL 216)
Nineteenth Century (PHL 219)
Phenomenology (PHL 220)
Twentieth-Century Analytic (PHL 223)
Contemporary (PHL 217)
4. Electives (200 or 300-level)** 2 Courses
5. Electives (300-level) 1 Course
Descartes (PHL 337)
Kant (PHL 333)
Nietzsche (PHL 330)
Heidegger (PHL 336)
Lyotard (PHL 339)
Foucault (PHL 332)
Derrida (PHL 338)
Open (PHL 395)

6 Total Courses*** 18 Credits

* Ethics courses include any course in which normative social, political or ethical issues are the primary focus of the curriculum.

** One 100-level philosophy course (except for Logic) may replace a 200-level elective. However, only one 100-level course (in addition to Logic) may be used to satisfy any of the degree requirements.

*** Philosophy course credits earned for a two-semester Senior Thesis independent study or through enrollment in an ICA study abroad course do not count toward the credits necessary to complete the major. They are taken in addition to the 36-credit requirement outlined above.


h3>Philosophy Minor Checklist

Review the Philosophy Minor Checklist (PDF) with your academic advisor to ensure that you are taking the necessary courses and credits to graduate. If you have any questions, please contact your advisor or visit the Academic Advising website for more information.