When I first came to Goucher, I had no idea what I wanted to study.  I was thinking about Political Science, International Relations, and History majors, but in almost all of the courses I took in these disciplines I felt that I was getting a very one-sided, American view of the content being learned.  I was seeking an education where I learned the whole story, not just why an event or a theory is important in regards to the United States.  My Peace Studies classes gave me the global perspectives and awareness that I was seeking, but the also provided me with so much more that really can’t be explained in words.  It is truly a personal process that one must embark on for themselves.  Ultimately, being a Peace Studies major challenges the way you think about yourself, about the world in which you live, and about your relationship to your environment.  Through learning about conflict and how to resolve it, I have gained so many invaluable tools that are needed to generate transformation in a world plagued by conflict.