Curriculum Map (Draft)

                   Program Goals
Type Course  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Core Cultural Sustainability               Yes Yes Yes Yes    
Cultural Documentation Yes Yes             Yes Yes      
Cultural Policy                   Yes Yes    
Cultural Partnership     Yes Yes   Yes     Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Electives Interpretive Planning and Project Management     Yes           Yes        
Community, Events, and Expressive Culture     Yes Yes         Yes       Yes
Photography Yes Yes Yes                    
Oral History Yes Yes Yes                    
Exhibits: The Politics, Poetics, and Practice of (Re)presentation     Yes           Yes        
Community and Economic Development       Yes             Yes Yes  
Advocacy, activism, and social justice     Yes     Yes     Yes     Yes  
Advanced Cultural Documentation and archival management Yes Yes                      
Management Leadership/Self Development           Yes     Yes        
Management 201           Yes             Yes
Management 202           Yes              
Communications     Yes         Yes         Yes
Public Administration         Yes Yes         Yes    
Nonprofit Administration         Yes Yes Yes       Yes    
Social Entrepreneurship           Yes Yes         Yes Yes
Finance         Yes                
Social Networks and New Media               Yes          
Fund raising and grant writing             Yes            

Program Goals (Draft)
  1. Plan, undertake, and organize cultural documentation field projects using data collection, writing, photography, video, and sound recording.
  2. Train community members in cultural documentation.
  3. Devise and implement cultural programs including exhibitions, performances, workshops, media productions, websites, festivals and other initiatives identified through community consultation.
  4. Identify and develop appropriate forums and partnerships to foster community self determination and leadership.
  5. Manage budgets and program costs.
  6. Work effectively as a creator or valued leader of a cultural organization.
  7. Identify and secure public and philanthropic funding for projects and organizational sustainability.
  8. Manage the communication needs of cultural sustainability initiatives, including working with the media and community participants.
  9. Graduates will also gain an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.
  10. Demonstrate and apply knowledge of contemporary issues pertaining to cultural sustainability in the relevant related fields.
  11. Identify and cultivate a relevant community of practice.
  12. Organize and build community.
  13. Work with communities to plan and implement revenue generating activities and products.