Here at Goucher, our faculty are at the heart of our community, offering individualized attention and mentorship to help students reach their highest potential. They don't offer this kind of attention in a vacuum, however.  Goucher faculty are performing cutting-edge research; winning grants; writing books, journals, and magazine articles; performing beloved classics and collaborating on new artistic works; and presenting their work at conferences all over the world.

And guess what? You'll see a few students' names listed alongside their professors, as they research side-by-side their faculty members.  Now that's a Goucher education. 

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The latest from the In The Loop » Kudos blog

    Matthew Rainbow Hale
    Associate Professor and Chair of the History Department, Matthew Rainbow Hale, was recently awarded a Kentucky Historical Society Scholarly Research Fellowship. The award will enable him to do research for his book, The French Revolution and the Forging of Modern American Democracy (under contract with University of Virginia Press). It is the fifth external fellowship […]

    Margret Grebowicz
    Margret Grebowicz, chair and associate professor of philosophy, recently had a translation published in Guernica.

    Lisa Weiss
    The Kentucky Review literature magazine recently published the short story “Sexy Wil and Shaol-Ling” by Lisa Weiss, a professor in the music department.