The Orchestra, Chorus, and Jazz Ensemble are Goucher's large ensembles. Other groups include the Goucher Chamber Music Group, Chamber Singers, Opera and Musical Theatre Workshop, and the African Drum and Dance Ensemble. An audition or permission of the instructor is required to participate. Audition times are announced at the beginning of each semester. Course credit may be earned at the rate of 1.5 credit hours per semester per group. Ensemble participation can be taken for credit or as an audit.

Private Music Instruction
Individual instruction in woodwind, brass, stringed instruments, guitar, organ, piano, percussion, and voice is available to all students at all levels, from beginning through advanced. Lessons are taught by the finest musicians in the Baltimore-Washington area, many of whom also teach at the Peabody Conservatory and perform with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Course credit is earned at a rate of 1.5 credit hours per semester. Ordinarily, there is a limit of one course of private lessons per semester. (See course descriptions for MUS 160-188 for information regarding requirements.) Students may take up to 24 performance credits, including credit earned in private instrumental and vocal lessons and in ensembles. With the permission of the instructor, there is no limit to the number of times that ensemble performance courses may be taken as an audit. Ordinarily the 24-credit limit may not be exceeded unless the student petitions the department explaining the need for more performance credits in a particular course of study.