David Evans

Private Instructor, mandolin



David Evans studied classical guitar in the music education program at the Peabody Conservatory of Music and has earned a bachelor of arts degree in interdisciplinary studies at the University of Baltimore.


Areas of Scholarly Expertise and Interest

He is director and conductor for the Baltimore Mandolin Orchestra and plays first mandolin in the Baltimore Mandolin Quartet . He appears on the orchestra's 2002 CD release, "City by the Sea" and the quartet's 2004 CD release, "Grandmother's Ghost." Mr. Evans has been cited in The Classical Mandolin by Paul Sparks and History of the Baltimore Mandolin Orchestra. An accomplished classical mandolinist, his performances include the Peabody Camerata, Peabody Symphony, Johns Hopkins University Symphony, Providence Mandolin Orchestra, the Classical Mandolin Society of America, and the Baltimore Mandolin Orchestra. He performs every year at many local venues including An Die Musik, Strathmore Music Hall, retirement communities, and churches.

Formerly the Sound Engineer for Microprose Games and the Director of Programming for Firaxis Games, he is now Vice President of Product Development for ProtonMedia.