Elisa Koehler, orchestra, fundamentals, trumpet, and conducting


Lisa Weiss, director of chamber music seminar, opera and musical theatre workshop, and piano

Associate Professors

Kendall Kennison, theory and composition
Elisa Koehler, orchestra, fundamentals, trumpet, and conducting

Assistant Professors

Daniel McDavitt, director, choral activities
Geoffrey Wright, director, computer music, composition


Jeffrey Chappell, director, jazz studies, composition, and classical piano
Joanna Greenwood, history and musicology


Jennifer Blades, opera and musical theatre workshop
Samuel Burt, computer music
Mathew Lane, ear training, piano

Private Instructors

Karen Bakkegard, French horn
Joan Bob, viola
Phil Bonsiero, accordion
McGregor Boyle, classical guitar
Christopher Correlli, voice
Wes Crawford, drum set
Josh Diaz, voice
David Evans, mandolin
Gretchen Gettes, cello
Gene Griswold, bassoon
Mary Hamlin-Spencer, organ
Heather Haughn, violin
Edna Huang, clarinet
Rhoda Jeng, piano
David LaVorgna, flute, flute ensemble
John Locke, percussion
Nick Mazziott, Trombone
Sheila Nevius, saxophone
Jacqueline Pollauf, harp
Mary Poling, oboe
Betty Ridgeway, voice
Laura Ruas, double bass
Hsiu-Hui Wang, piano

Carol Wolfe-Ralph, piano
Steve Yankee, jazz guitar