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At Goucher music is one of the liberal arts. Questions about the place of music in culture, its power, and the diversity of its appearances are important issues in the curriculum. Goucher's approach to music is ideal for the student who wishes to explore musical interests in depth and who also wants the kind of intellectual challenge that is not often available in a conservatory setting.

Goucher provides instruction to students who wish to study music as a manifestation of a civilization or culture, who will use music as an avocation, and who wish to enter professions in music. Thorough preparation is given to those who intend to pursue graduate study or begin a career.

In both the music major and minor, courses are designed to enable students to acquire a balance of harmonic and structural study, historical and analytical information, interpretive and performing experience, and compositional technique. Students may also pursue other interests and career options by combining music courses with courses in other programs. The curriculum provides graduates with the knowledge and experience to become music educators, composers, performers, critics, journalists, and arts administrators, as well as to work in computer music or pursue graduate study in music technology.

Program Contact
Kendall Kennison | 410-337-6293 |

Center for Dance, Music, and Theatre (DMT)

Majors: Dance, Music, Theatre

Minors: Dance, Music, Theatre

Affiliate Programs: Concentration in Arts Administration, Pilates Center, Doris Humphrey Foundation

Center Director: Elisa Koehler |

Academic Center Operations Assistants:   Kitty Gratz | and Sara Thomson |

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Zachary Reese
Zachary Reese
“Goucher has taught me that genuine confidence comes not from knowing how to solve a problem, but in having faith that I'll figure it out along the way.”