Will Lederer
Major: Music
Minor: French 


In the car on the way home from Logan Airport, I told my father, "Dad, I think that might've been the best three weeks of my life." I wasn't exaggerating. Each of my three weeks in France was spent in a different city, with the first in Avignon. Here, while staying with a host mother (one of the kindest and most interesting women I've ever encountered), I was given the opportunity to see some fantastic theater productions, participate in workshops with talented French actors, enjoy the vibrant culture of Provence, and of course practice my spoken French. The next stop (my favorite of the trip) was Marseille, where we stayed with students from the theater conservatory there. I had never been anywhere like Marseille before, and I fell in love with the city within hours of being there. Our final week was spent in Paris, where we were fortunate enough to take acting classes with Cécile Cotté at NYU Paris, an experience I will never forget. Overall, the trip reaffirmed my love for both theater and French language and culture, and was a time I will cherish for the rest of my life.