Nina Chilbert

My favorite part of the 2009 French Theatre ICA was without a doubt our week in Avignon- we stayed with families, which immersed us immediately in speaking French and experiencing French food, culture, and family life. We went to class, saw plays, met theatre troupes, explored the city, and spent time with our host families. One of the most exciting experiences was a trip to Pernes-Les-Fontaines and Beaumes de Venise to work with members of le T.R.A.C. In Marseille, we stayed with incredibly talented third year students from the theatre conservatory. Their professor showed us around this beautiful city on the Mediterranean Sea. The interaction with students was an excellent learning experience that truly opened our minds to what is possible in the world of theatre. The week in Paris went by quickly- we stayed in a quaint hotel in the 14th arrondissement. All the plays were fascinating! We were personally escorted through the Comédie Française Theatre and the Centre Dramatique de la Courneuve. We met so many amazing people and the skills we learned have been, and certainly will continue to be, applied to my schoolwork here at Goucher and later in life. This was an invaluable experience and I am so glad I was given the opportunity to go!