Maureen Winter
Major: French


In the summer of 2011 I went to Paris, Marseille, and Avignon for Goucher's French theatre ICA.  As a French major, I primarily chose this trip as an introduction to French culture and I wanted to improve and practice my speaking skills.  The trip turned out to be much more!  My classmates and I became quite close after taking classes together, participating in theatre workshops, meeting other students who we came to love very much, and even attending a protest for theatre funding in Marseille.  After returning, I participated in the French production of Volant! here at Goucher and decided that French theatre was something that I wanted to continue studying.  In the Spring of 2012 I will be in Paris pursuing a theatre-related internship with IFE, Goucher's partner semester-long program.  When I return in the Fall I will begin work on my senior thesis, a year-long project on a specific topic within the genre of French theatre.  Not only was my ICA experience in France amazing, but my experience at Goucher has been wonderful as well; my French professors have both challenged and motivated me and I view them as teachers, mentors, and dear friends.