Jennifer Babich
Major: Biology
Minor: French

I studied abroad in Paris and Marseille for three weeks in January 2007 with Goucher’s French Theatre program. During our time in France, we watched plays of a wide range of genres in a variety of settings. We also participated in some very creative acting workshops. In Paris, we had the opportunity to talk with several playwrights in France’s modern theatre scene.

In Marseille, I stayed with two students from a conservatory for the arts for one week, which really put my knowledge of French to the test. The Goucher group worked quite a bit with some of the conservatory students and many of us ended up making some lasting friendships. We also took a short day trip out of Marseille to Aix en Provence and hiked on the breathtaking Massif des Calanques.

Although my experience was brief, I took advantage of every opportunity to learn something new about the language and the people I encountered. I was surprised by the confidence I gained in conversing in French over such a short time. My relationship with the students I met at the conservatory continued when they visited Goucher for a week in February 2008 to perform a play in Dunnock Theatre. My studies abroad in France, and the friendships I made while there, have made a lasting impression on me.

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