Jen Schollin
Major: French

I spent three weeks in France during the summer of 2009, as part of the Goucher French Theatre Intensive Course Abroad. Each week was spent in a different city, where we saw at least two plays. I spent the first week in Avignon, where I stayed with a host family, was involved with workshops with the T.R.A.C. theatre group, and visited Pernes-les-Fontaines and Beaumes de Venise. The second week I went to Marseille and stayed with a student from the conservatory. We had workshops with the conservatory students, explored the city, and saw a Moliere play with traditional costumes. The third week was spent in Paris, where we were involved with workshops with New York University, toured the city, and ate a traditional French meal. This was an incredible experience that not only improved my knowledge of the French language, but also taught me about French culture and introduced me to amazing people.