Christy Dentler
Major: French and English

My experience in France was overwhelming, challenging, and inspiring. I immersed myself completely in the French language and culture, made new connections and friendships, and gained perspectives on the French culture. For me, the best aspect of the trip was visiting three cities in France: Avignon, Marseille, and Paris. Each city had its unique synergy with its country and demonstrable differences in style, people, food, and culture. My travels forced me to step out of my comfort zone and discover my own potential. Encountering France through the study of theater allowed me to break free of the shy and introverted girl that I am and engage in all aspects of theater. From working with actors and theater students, attending plays, to taking acting classes, I had to be open to new ideas and was able to practice and improve both my French and acting skills. My travels abroad both confirmed and deepened my passion for the French milieu, and I look forward to continuing my studies at Goucher and in France.