Lisa Jones
Major: French

In the fall of 2008 I participated in the Goucher Paris Program. I returned home with, among other things, immense gratitude for the grammar and phonetics classes offered by the Sorbonne, which greatly improved my French; an appreciation for art from 1870-1914--Picasso, Moreau, Degas--and the means to analyze it; two interviews I conducted with people who had experienced first-hand Algeria's war for independence; and lasting connections to an after-school homework center where I volunteered. The summer of 2009 I returned to Paris for two months to complete an intership with the literary critique website I wrote accounts and critiques of soon-to-be-published books for the website, conducted interviews with authors in English and French, and had the opportunity to attend several celebrations and other events hosted by publishing houses. I still feel a small ache of longing when I think of Paris, and I want to attend graduate school in France.

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