John Hoobyar
Major: French

Internship: URACA: Unité de Réfléxion et d’action des Communautés Africaines-a non-profit that does social support work and HIV prevention in the African immigrant community, and helps to integrate members of the community into French society.

I spent a semester abroad on the Goucher Paris Program and loved it. In the course of five months I pursued a three-month internship, a semester of intensive French language coursework at the Sorbonne, met a lot of French people and had many French friends, and got to know Paris like the back of my hand. The aspect of this program that appealed to me the most was its success at integrating students into Parisian society. I believe that through my experiences I gained an insight into Parisian society that I think relatively few American students experience, as well as fluency in the language.