The French minor consists of FR 245, a study abroad experience of at least three weeks of coursework in French, two 300-level courses, and one 4-credit 400-level seminar at Goucher. All courses must be passed with a minimum grade of C to count toward the minor.

Foundation Course (1 required)
FR 245 - Bouillon De Culture-Introduction to French Studies (4 Cr.)

Elective Courses (2 required; 4 credits each)
All require FR 245 or Instructor Permission.

FR 353 - Introduction to French/Francophone Cinema (4 Cr.)
FR 357 - Decoding French & Francophone Narratives (4 Cr.)
FR 358 - Current Events in Fifth-Republic France (4 Cr.)

Study abroad
One of the following is required. All satisfy the GCR study abroad requirement.

FR/THE 272Y - International Course Abroad (French Theatre) (6-8 Cr.) (GCR-SA)

Gateway to Paris - Semester Abroad. Credit for FR 253, FR 257 or FR 258 toward the minor. (15 Cr.)  

IFE Field Study and Internship - Semester abroad in Brussels, Paris or Strasbourg. (16 Cr.)

Non-Goucher Program - Approval of department required (at least three weeks of course work abroad in French). (4 Cr.)

French Theatre in Paris and Marseille: Languages of Performance. An experiential introduction to the dynamic world of the contemporary French theatre in Avignon, Marseille, and Paris. Building on longstanding exchanges with French theatre artists, this course develops conversational and other language skills in immersion settings such as homestay families, theatre workshops, and cooking classes. Students gain skills in vocal projection, stage presence, and characterization, are exposed to French traditions of acting and staging, and see performances that provide a window into contemporary French culture. The capstone production is part of the Goucher Theatre program's fall program. Participation is based on the individual's skills and interests (and could include an acting role). Course includes seven weeks in the spring, a three-week program abroad in May/June, and seven weeks in the fall. Students unable to participate in the fall or spring may take only two of the components for 6 credits. Spring/summer/fall semesters. Offered 2019 and alternate years. Free and Ingram.

Gateway to Paris The Paris Gateway program combines daily French language instruction (8 cr.) at the Sorbonne (including work on phonetics), site visits, and interaction with the local community to help students achieve a degree of fluency as well as an engagement with French society. The Paris-France-Paris course (3 cr.) uses the city as its text, investigating its past and present and highlighting the main issues facing French society, and Paris in particular. In the Applied French Practicum, students choose from three types of "mini-internship" field experience (4 cr.) to form an individualized learning program including a guided writing assignment and a conversation workshop. Fall or Spring Semester.

IFE Field Study and Internship The Internships in Francophone Europe program takes place over the course of an 18 week semester in Paris, Brussels, or Strasbourg. Students make use of their French language skills in a work environment with a government agency, business, or nonprofit organization. The semester begins with 5 weeks of intensive interdisciplinary courses, followed by a 12-week full time internship in the student's field. As part of the internship, students conduct field research, delving into an issue and producing a 30-page independent study in French under the guidance of a French scholar. Courses include: The Foundations of French Politics, Policies and Institutions (4 cr.), Structure, Transformation and Issues in French Society (4 cr.), and Towards a European society (2 cr.). The Internship & Mémoire de stage count for 6 credits. Fall or Spring semester.

Seminar Course (1 required)
All seminars have pre-requisite of FR 245 or IP = Instructor Permission

FR 430 - Special Topics in French Literature (4 Cr.)
FR 433 - Special Topics in French Culture and Civilization (4 Cr.)
FR 444 - French Environmental Studies (4 Cr.)
FR 451 - Topics in Francophone African Literature & Cinema (4 Cr.)