Goucher students choose from a rich array of courses on French society, cinema and literature. In addition to gaining linguistic proficiency, students learn the codes of contemporary French culture, the origins and shape of contemporary social diversity in France, as well as the culture of Francophone regions of Africa and the Caribbean. Our department is proud of our distinguished alumni-recent majors have chosen top graduate schools, including NYU (anthropology), Yale (history, political science), Cornell (linguistics), Emory (French cinema & literature), University of Leeds (Francophone literature) and the Monterey Institute (translation), and have worked at international NGOs, for the American Embassy in Paris, and the French Embassy in Washington, DC. They have worked in the fashion, travel, restaurant, media, and film industries both for French and American companies.

Writing Proficiency in the Major

Majors in French who successfully complete any 300-level course in their major will have fulfilled the writing proficiency in the major requirement.

Honors in the Major

Students wishing to pursue honors in French must have a GPA of 3.6 in the major and an overall GPA of 3.5. By April 30 of their junior year, they must submit to the director of the French program a proposal outlining their thesis project and naming the proposed thesis director. Upon approval, the student must enroll in a two-semester (eight credits) senior thesis course. One-semester projects are not eligible for honors. At the end of the fall semester, the thesis advisor will determine whether the project has sufficiently progressed to warrant continuation of the pursuit of honors. If not, the student may receive a grade of pass/no pass for those credits. No later than three weeks before the end of the spring semester of the senior year, the student will defend the thesis before a committee of at least three faculty members, with at least two from the French program. The recommendation of the thesis committee will be brought to the French program director and the department chair, who must approve all candidates for honors.

Programs in French