Kathryn St. Ours

Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures

Julia Rogers 258


B.A. (French and Italian), University of Pittsburgh
M.A.T., University of Pittsburgh
M.A., Ph.D. (Romance Languages and Literatures/ French, Italian and Spanish), The Catholic University of America

Areas of Scholarly Expertise and Interest

Literature and ecology (Ecocriticism), 19th and 20th century French Literature, contemporary Italian cinema, the secular sacred

Recent Publications/Presentations/Performances

Authored Books

Where Science and Literature Meet: The Earthy Writing of Jean-Loup Trassard. Oxford: Trueheart Press, 2014.

Le fantastique chez Roger Caillois. Birmingham: Summa Publications, Inc. 2001.

Refereed Articles

"Who's Framing Whom? Surrealism and Science in the Documentaries of Jean Painlevé." Framing Nature. Amsterdam: RodopiForthcoming in 2015.

"The Time-Image from Pasolini to Ciprì and Maresco." Romance Notes 51:2 (2011): 191-8.

"Le devenir-animal chez Jean-Loup Trassard." Hybrides et monstres. Editions de l'Université de Dijon, 2011, 85-90.

“A ecocritical study of The Story of the Weeping Camel.” Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment 18:2 (2011): 396-412.

"Le regard de l'animal chez Derrida et Trassard." Les genres littéraires. Special issue of Revue Romane 45:2 (2010) : 317-29.

“Decolonizing the imagination in the early novels of Valerio Evangelisti.” Romance Notes 49:2 (2009): 247-54.

“Uccellacci and uccellini and the ambiguities of Bahktin’s carnival.” Forum Italicum (fall 2009): 418-31.

“Pasolini’s tecnica sacrale in Pasolini’s Accattone.” Lingua Romana 6:1 (fall, 2007). online, peer-reviewed publication.

Conference Presentations

2014 The surreal science of Jean Painlevé . NEMLA, spring 2014. Science and literature Panel. Susquehanna University. "

2014 Framing science in the documentaries of Jean Painlevé. The European Association for the Study of Literature, Culture, and the Environment.Tartu, Estonia. Framing Nature Conference. Spring, 2014. Signs, stories and ecologies of meaning.

2012  Pour une ethnologie écopoétique.Colloque Jean-Loup Trassard.Université de Pau.

2011  Interanimality in the works of Jean-Loup Trassard.Reading nature Conference.Universisdad Complutense de Madrid.

2011  Mirroring in Merleau-Ponty, Trassard and Rizzolatti. International Colloquium: Human-Animal/Humain-Animal. University of San Francisco.

2010  Le devenir-animal chez Jean-Loup Trassard. Hybrides, monstres et autres aliens dans la littérature des XXe-XXIe siècles. Roehampton University - Animalittérature and CNRS/Paris III - British Comparative Literature Association. University of London.

2010  The religious and the scatological in Ciprì and Maresco.Conference on Modern Italian Cinema. Warwick University, England.

2009  Heresy and religion in the films of Ciprì and Maresco. South Atlantic Modern Language Association. Atlanta, Georgia.

Recently taught Course Sample

FR 330 Perspectives interdisciplinaires de l'humanisme aux 20e et 21e siècles  (course syllabus)

FR 330 / Special Topics 2007 Nouvelle Vague / Nouveau Cinéma  (course syllabus)

FR 330 printemps 2009 Le siècle des Lumières (course syllabus)

FR 344: En Vert et contre tous   (course syllabus)




Awards/Significant Accomplishments

Participant, National Humanities Center Seminar on Human Nature, 2008

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